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KitchenAid® refrigerators




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Vertigo designed to fulfil every requirement. Cuustomisble interiors, Smart devices control the temperature and adjust humidity levels


  • Aligns with kitchen cabinetry
  • Preserves walking space in front of unit
  • Requires specifically designed cabinetry 
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Expreience the convenience and capacity of the KitchenAid Fjord that offers the space and tehhnology to sotre all your fresh and forzen food in a single sleek appliance


  • Easy to install or relocate 
  • Requires no custom cabinetry 
  • Fits easily into most kitchens 


KitchenAid® refrigerators keep food fresh, so your ingredients are ready whenever you're struck with the urge to create. Our premium refrigerator features were designed to highlight form and function, creating a sleek addition to your kitchen while keeping all your ingredients organized, always fresh and easy to clean up after. Whether you're making dinner for two or planning a party, KitchenAid refrigerators will make sure everything stays at its best before, during and after meal prep. From leftovers to leafy greens, trust our refrigerators to help you keep your cool throughout the entire cooking process.